A Great Partner for You

Posted by Steve Wattenmaker on July 9, 2015 at 4:00 PM

The Capitol Connection has been fortunate to work closely with Singhal & Company, Inc. on cable TV installations.  If you already know them, you understand why we are fortunate to have them as close allies.

If you don’t know them, well, you should.

As Hollywood scriptwriters say, Singhal & Company has a great back story. But more on that in a minute. First, what does Singhal & Company do that makes them such a great resource for both government and private industry?  The answer is – a lot:   


Program and Project Management

Information Technology and Network Security

Audio Video Systems

Interior Office Designs

But it’s not just what they do; it’s how they do it that has won them wide recognition.  Working with them we have witnessed their meticulous, accessible, quality-obsessed, and efficient activity. I almost ended that series with “customer-centric,” but worried it would sound clichéd.  Far from it.  Everyone claims to put their customers first – but few actually do it.

Singhal & Company has it down to a science.

“The simple truth is that you can’t build a great company without a clear set of values,” according to Mohammed Ali, Singhal & Company’s Chief Operating Officer. “Conducting business governed by clear values paves the way for hiring and retaining great people. It also develops the trust that cements long-term customer and vendor relationships.  The wider community gets to appreciate your integrity and that helps your business, too.”

Sounds good, but where is the evidence?  Upwards of 90% of Singhal & Company’s revenue comes from returning customers. The company retains 95% of its staff. Solid values may be their foundation, but another factor explains their rapid growth and expansion into providing new products and services.  That’s the back story. A story of organic growth.

The company was founded a dozen years ago when one of the Principals was invited to provide Project Management support. As needs of the project increased, the client procured additional support from SCi, which led to further responsibilities in IT network support and security. With new technologies SCi was able to support the client in trimming budgets during the recent recession years. SCi further diversified into Audio-Visual services support and Audio-Visual systems integration as a way for their clients to further leverage technology. They have received numerous commendations and rewards as part of that journey. Today, Singhal & Company is responsible for staffing over 300 video conference rooms. 

 “In 2012 we expanded once again,” explained Mr. Ali. “With more and more technology being integrated into a typical workplace, our project management, IT network, and audio-video expertise led us almost naturally to offer innovative space design and light construction services.”

Looking ahead, Singhal & Company sees additional growth opportunities in these specialties across government and commercial clients alike.

 “Yes, business prospects are bright for Singhal & Company,” Mr. Ali reflects. “We feel blessed to be able to deliver services working closely with our friends and family. We are most proud, however, of our commitment to give back to the community.   Every year Singhal and Company sets aside 3% to 5% of its revenue to support charitable projects. And every year each of our employees gets to designate $2,000 to a charity of her or his choice. .” If you begin to see some of what makes Singhal & Company a unique and indispensible partner, we can only smile knowingly. We already figured it out.