The Capitol Connection Works With Green Roof Initiatives

Posted by Danelle Springer on June 29, 2012 at 3:27 PM

As many building owners, managers and engineers already know, The Capitol Connection offers our TV service via a “line of sight” microwave system that utilizesWorld Wildlife Fund Headquarters In DC roof top antennas.  When installing our service into a new or re-designed building, we are often asked how our roof antennas work with “green roofs.”  The answer is, PERFECTLY! One shining example of the partnership between The Capitol Connection and green roof technology is the Washington DC headquarters of our patron, The World Wild Life Fund located at 1250 24th Street, NW.  The secret to our successful green roof integration is the usage of non-penetrating mounts as well as compact receive-only antennas that unobtrusively grab out signal.  In many instances, we can also attach our antenna to the side of a building, thereby avoiding the roof altogether.  For more information about how our installations work, please visit our website at or call our offices directly at 703-993-3100 and ask for Danelle Springer or Dave Reininger. 

Why have green roofs become so important?  According to a 2008 Washington Post report, two billion gallons (yes that’s billion with a B) of sewage and polluted rain water flow from the Capitol’s sewer system into the Anacostia River each year. [1]  In response to this crisis commercial properties have begun installingGreen roof layers “green roofs” that utilize a system of insulating layers and soil enabling plant life to grow directly on the roof.  The result is a win-win for commercial property owners as well as the environment in that the system not only dramatically cuts the amount of run-off, it also insulates the building from UV rays, thereby extending the life of the roof for an estimated fifteen years while simultaneously helping to insulate the building year-round.  The insulation factors results in significant savings on heating and cooling.  As an added incentive, the District Department of the Environment has funded a re-bate program of $5 per square foot for new construction to a maximum of 5,000 square feet and no cap for retrofit projects (see for more information).  Green roofs also create a healthy environment for the tenants who office under them by reducing noise and filtering the air.

While the U. S. green roof movement is still in its early stages, Washington DC currently ranks second in the nation (right behind Chicago) for the largest green roof footprint, totaling over 300,000 square feet.   So whether you are in the construction phase of a new property or anticipating the retrofit of an existing building, rest assured that you can still be in that exclusive club of approximately 500 premier Washington, DC properties who provide The Capitol Connection TV service as an amenity to their tenants.

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[1] Minnema, Lindsay, Staff Writer, The Washington Post, Thursday January 10th, 2008.  “City is Cultivating a Greener Future.”