Is Your Business TV Service Giving YOU The Business???

Posted by David Reininger on July 13, 2012 at 3:21 PM

A recent story on the front page of the business section of the New York Times (7/7/2012) detailed the growing number of businesses that no longer provide phone support for customers. The Times narrowed the scope of their story to tech companies, but the trend is growing among all kinds businesses. Some companies have done a good job ofphone 1508042c resized 600 directing customers to websites, where they can check FAQs, use email or contribute their query to a forum.

Because a growing number of people prefer using the web to making a phone call, The Capitol Connection has a website that contains the answers to most of our customers’ frequently asked questions. Our office is open during normal business hours, but the website is available anytime.

Anyone calling The Capitol Connection during normal business hours will find a knowledgeable person answering the phone. Our goal is to pick up by the third ring too; no phone tree, no message machine, just a real live person.

The Times article explains that teenagers and twenty-year olds prefer texting to placing a phone call. Sending a text message as opposed to making a call is fine in a social situation but when phone calls are eliminated as a matter of business policy, consumers become frustrated.  The fact that text messages are limited to 160 characters also makes it difficult to include all the information necessary when reporting a problem.

For many consumers frustration levels have reached such a high point that entrepreneurs are seizing the opportunity to create a new business stream.  Websites like, and have sprouted up to help customers contact a human being at firms that have all but eliminated person to person contact.

At the Capitol Connection we may be ‘old school’ when it comes to our business philosophies but we believe the best way to serve our customers is to answer the phone when it rings and provide reliable information our customers can count on.

Call us at (703) 993-3100. We look forward to providing you with the personal service you deserve.