How Do We Move Service to Our New Office Location?

Here is how to connect The Capitol Connection service at your new office location:

Free Site Survey and Estimate:

It is best to have the survey done as soon as you determine where the outlets will be located. Surveys can also be done from blueprints as long as the proposed outlet locations are clearly marked on the blueprints.


If the site is under construction, it is best to install  or prewire the outlets before the ceiling and walls are finished.  This makes it easier to install  and can save you money on your installation costs.

No problem if The Capitol Connection service is not currently in the building, a we will do a free rooftop survey and work with your new property manager.

Program Agreement:

Your organization will need to sign a new Program Agreement reflecting the new address prior to installation.


After you have moved out of your present offices, we will need access to the suite or floor to disconnect the existing service.

To order to move your service, contact us, Log into your Account, or call our Customer Service Department at (703) 993-3100.

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