Cable TV Installation

Contact The Capitol Connection at (703) 993-3100 and we will schedule a FREE on-site estimate at your office. Installation is quick and easy, and before long, you will be enjoying business cable TV service in your office.

Call us today or click here and we'll be happy to have a representative contact you.


How much is installation?

Installation cost is based solely upon the time and material necessary to connect the outlet location(s) to the building distribution system. This cost will vary depending on several factors, such as:

  • The distance from the outlet to the main phone closet on each floor
  • The ease of access to ceilings and walls (pop-out tiles, drywall, etc.)
  • Building-specific requirements (i.e., conduits, special tools, drilling, etc.)

After we complete your FREE site estimate, we will provide you with a written estimate of installation charges.

How quickly can my service be installed?

We typically can have your service up and running throughout your office within a week to 10 days of when you place your order.

What does "multiple outlets for one fee" mean?

The Capitol Connection bases its annual program fee per organization, per address. Each organization can install additional outlets without paying additional program fees (for example, one or 100 TV outlets in your organization are the same low program fee.)

How can a subtenant get TV programming?

Subtenants must subscribe separately for their own service.

Can we pay one program fee if we have more than one address?

No. Each address for an organization must have a separate account and, therefore, must sign its own program agreement and pay a separate program fee.

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