Cable TV Service for Commercial Buildings

Since 1981, The Capitol Connection has made it possible for commercial building managers to offer a premium television service tailored to the needs of the Washington, DC metro business community.

We charge each tenant who chooses to subscribe a flat annual fee—as little as $595 per year. We do not charge a per-outlet fee, so a tenant can use multiple televisions in their offices at no additional cost.

Our streamlined pricing and no-hassle, courteous customer service are additional reasons that your tenants will value The Capitol Connection as a building amenity.

Wiring new buildings is quick, easy, and minimally intrusive, and wiring existing buildings is even easier. The Capitol Connection uses a single, small roof antenna to provide our digital television signal to your building. With approximately 500 metro-area office buildings already wired by The Capitol Connection, tenants throughout the area have discovered that their rental decision has added value.

Having been in the DC commercial market for more than 30 years, we understand the security issues that businesses and government offices must consider. The Capitol Connection meets those needs by employing installers with various levels of government security clearances. We also do not transmit from any of our building sites and do not utilize satellite dishes to deliver our service.

We think you'll agree that The Capitol Connection is a valuable enhancement to the amenities in your building. Call us today at (703) 993-3100 or click here to request a free estimate.

TV Service in a Nutshell
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