Message from our Founder

Cable TV providers often use automated telephone answering queues when you call to ask a question or need service. How many times have you heard “please listen carefully, because our options have changed.” What options? Why are they forever changing?

When I started The Capitol Connection cable service 30 years ago, I wanted us to be different. I wanted a live person, not a recording, to answer each and every phone call during business hours, and to have someone take a message, if necessary, rather than sending callers into voicemail if the person they were calling was on another line or out of the office. I expect someone to pick up each phone call in no more than three or four rings, and that includes me when I’m in the office.

Rarely, have we gotten an overwhelming number of calls. When this has happened, we’ve recorded a short message assuring callers that we’re aware of the problem and working on a solution. Folks who leave a voicemail message on these occasions will get a call back from us when the problem has been solved to make sure that their issue wasn’t something unrelated that needed personal attention.

The Capitol Connection is a small company, and we try to make the most of that situation by offering personalized, one-on-one customer service.  There are lots of ways a business can distinguish itself from the competition. We think good customer service is probably the best of all.

Dr. Michael Kelley, Executive Director Michael R. Kelley